Three Ways To Practice Gratitude After A Disappointment

Getting bad news sucks. Obviously. It can be devastating to find out that your plans haven’t turned out the way you expected, or an opportunity has been taken away from you.

When it happens, we often turn to comforting rewards to feel better. A glass of wine, a takeaway or maybe even a spending spree. And while it’s sometimes absolutely appropriate to react that way, it’s not always the healthiest way to process the information.

Over the past year, I’ve faced more than a few disappointments. Our flat purchase fell through, I lost out on a promotion and had some awful days at work where I wanted to quit on the spot.

However, I no longer respond to these situations by numbing the pain or avoiding my feelings. Through therapy and practising mindfulness via Headspace, I’ve found that gratitude is a really effective way to work through my feelings and see the positives in any situation.

It’s not easy and I don’t always get it right. But, here are a few ways I practice gratitude in the face of frustration.

Be thankful for the experience

Even the shittiest circumstances teach us something. Sometimes they’re not lessons we needed, but try to show gratitude for the resilience you’re building and the path you’re being forced down.

When we lost our buyer, I acknowledged that this experience has taught me to be more cautious of the home buying process. This will help me when we intend to sell our flat the next time around.

Remind yourself where you are

Never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted or needed. It’s easy to get bogged down about what we don’t have and forget what we have now.

When I didn’t get the promotion I’d anticipated, I was devastated because it felt like I’d taken three steps back.

I’m frustrated and although it’s given me the drive to go on to bigger and better things eventually, I remind myself how this job was once my way out of an old toxic workplace.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay put forever, but practicing gratitude to the present moment can help put things in perspective.

Practise gratitude for everything else

When we’re disappointed, we often can’t look beyond the end of our nose. But there’s so much out there to be grateful for.

Think of three things you’re grateful for right now. It could be your health, your pet, a sunny day, anything.

Doing this in moments of frustration or disappointment will make you feel better and, again, give you some perspective.

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