Eco-friendly period products that you’ll love

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At the girls that get it, we’re totally period positive. But for period-havers, the once a month event can range from slight discomfort to debilitating pain keeping us confined to our bed clutching at a hot water bottle. 

It sometimes feels like there’s no in-between.

Fortunately, many companies have prioritised menstrual health and created wonderful products to make it a little easier. When I learned about periods, there was Always or Tampax and that’s it. Now we have menstrual cups, period underwear and biodegradable tampons. 

These eco-friendly period products won’t solve everyone’s problems, especially those with chronic conditions like Endometriosis. But they might help ease some frustrating period side effects.

For period blood: Modibodi period underwear

Can you believe we didn’t have access to these back in the 00s?

Founded in Australia in 2011, Modibodi was one of the first period underwear on the market and is the UK’s leading brand. They’re super eco-friendly and size-inclusive also!

They use fancy, stain-resistant high-tech fabrics that are odour-fighting. This means you won’t feel gross by the end of the day (like with standard pads) and you can wash and reuse!

What we think: We’re converted. It’s a small investment at first, but knowing we won’t have to buy another period product for years is a relief. We love Modibodi so much, that we bought their regular moisture-wicking underwear and they’re super comfy!

The details: Starts from £19.50 a pair

For period pain: BeYou Monthly Patches

We’ve mentioned BeYou in our Practical ways to feel comfortable in your body post, hailing the anti-chafing cream. But our first love was the BeYou monthly patches.

Infused with eucalyptus and menthol, you stick these discreet patches to your skin to reduce period cramping. They bring blood back to the area you place them on and are also anti-inflammatory unlike heat options such as water bottles.

What we think: While they don’t completely get rid of period pain, you get a nice sensation that definitely reduces cramping. To be honest, the eucalyptus and menthol smell helps reduce anxiety and frustration so well, that we sometimes use it when we’re not on our period!

The details: £7.99 without a subscription. £5.99 with a subscription.

For period anxiety: Pukka Peace tea

Anxiety is a really frustrating side effect of menstruation and can make you feel restless and on edge. We should avoid caffeine when feeling like this but sometimes a nice warm drink is all we want.

Enter Pukka Peace tea. It combines relaxing herbs, chamomile, lavender, ashwagandha, and hemp to naturally calm you, without making you feel sleepy.

What we think: Originally bought for a self-care evening, we had the Peace tea to avoid caffeine on a heavy period day. It was a happy release. Our anxiety and frustration literally melted away and it was the inspiration for this entire post. We can’t get enough!

The details: £3.45 for a pack of 20 tea sachets

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