How I Chose My ASOS Wedding Dress

Disclaimer: as with all our wedding posts, we’re speaking from our experience and respect every bride’s decision to choose what she wants.

Buying a wedding dress was never top of my priority list. That might sound ridiculous, but the idea of going to a boutique with my bestie just didn’t appeal to me.

In fact, I spent about an hour on the phone with her explaining why I didn’t want to do it even though she hadn’t expressed any remorse for my decision.

Instead, I’d been stalking a few styles on ASOS that I was excited to try once it was time. True to my word, I ordered my top two in early January 2021 and this is what I learned.

Do your research

When deciding which dresses to order I spent hours researching to make sure they wouldn’t disappoint. I did this in three ways:

ASOS reviews

You should always take reviews with a pinch of salt as everyone values things differently. What’s the dress for one person may be too untraditional for another.

You should look for general themes like quality and sizing because, while people’s opinions will vary, you should probably avoid it if there are lots of reviews about how cheap the quality feels. 

For example, I tried this dress and lots of the reviews said it was too long which was very accurate.


Searching #ASOSbride or #ASOSbridal on Instagram showed lots of pictures of brides in their ASOS dresses. It took me a while to find someone in my favourite dress, but once I had, it showed me how it might look without the studio lights and in situ.


Many YouTubers have done ASOS wedding dress hauls which made it easy to find more examples of how my dress looked off the model. It also shows you the texture and quality better than a photo can.

Order a few different options

ASOS’ returns policy makes trying a few dress options straightforward, plus they have lots of styles to choose from.

I’d recommend choosing three that are different from each other. This will help you decide which style you like the most as most brides are surprised by what they actually like versus what they thought they wanted.

Make the try-on special

Without the boutique lights and veils aplenty surrounding your try-on, it’s easy to think your dress isn’t as distinctive as a pricier one.

Style your hair, put some makeup on and invite your loved ones around for a try-on. This made trying my dress on feel more special and the hair and makeup helped me envision how I’d look on the day.

Say yes to the dress

I love the dress I chose. I also know there are others available that I might like more or the same, but it’d take up so much time trying on every dress ever.

Instead, go with your heart and stick to it. Avoid shopping around after you’ve decided as you’ll never be done.

And if you’re wondering, this is my dress.

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