How To Make Your Small Apartment Guest-Friendly

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Hosting people in your small apartment is difficult. When you don’t have lots of space, even having an extra person in your home can make the entire place feel cramped.

However, it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll never host guests and I assume that’s why you’ve ended up on this post!

With a little planning and prioritisation, you can have your friends and family around without feeling overwhelmed.

Be honest about your space

If you love hosting, it’s difficult to admit that you might just not have space. Be honest to your potential guests about the limitations of your hosting abilities and find alternative solutions.

For example, going out to eat might be easier than trying to fit four adults in a space that only really comfortably suits two.

You might not be able to offer accommodation for the night and a hotel near you might be the best option to make sure everyone is comfortable. In return, you could offer to pay for a meal or activity you do together.

Keep clutter to a minimum

A small space can become cluttered when guests are round. Dedicate a specific area for bags and coats to avoid anyone tripping over a rogue pair of shoes.

The bed is usually the best option for non-staying guests as it’s out of sight.

Extendable table for dining

Drop leaf tables are great for small apartments because they usually seat up to six when it’s fully extended. This way, you have the option to have friends round for dinner if you want, but it doesn’t take up too much space normally.

Our IKEA dining room table is the single best purchase we made. And although we’ve only used it a handful of times, it was worth every penny. The built-in storage is also a gamechanger because it’s extended our very limited kitchen cupboards.

Buy the biggest sofa for your space

Buying the largest sofa you can fit in your space makes chilling out in the evenings much more enjoyable.

Plus, you have the added benefit of space to seat guests. We have a three-seater sofa, meaning we have room for three guests because we can also use our two dining room chairs.

We could have opted for the two-seater, but the extra space would have been wasted, and it’s nice to have enough space to put our feet up.

Air mattress for sleeping

While it might be tempting to buy a sofa bed for guests to use, don’t. They’re uncomfortable, and you need to prioritise your year-round comfort rather than a few nights a year.

Instead, invest in an air mattress. They don’t take up too much storage space, and they’re better than the floor or sofa. Also, if your guest is travelling to yours by car, ask them to bring their own bedding. This way they can have their comfortable pillow, and you don’t have to try and store a second bedding set.

Invest in vacuum bags

If you do plan to have spare bedding, buy some vacuum storage bags. They basically suck all the air out and take up a fraction of the space.

This way, you don’t need to sacrifice precious storage space for items you don’t use that often.

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