Five Living Room Upgrades That Made A Huge Difference

In 2021, we put our flat on the market. After working, sleeping, eating and living in the same 32m² property for a year, enough was enough.

We were ready to upgrade to a two-bedroom property, with enough room for a dedicated office and space to get away from each other if we wanted. 

To cut a long story short — it didn’t work out. Our buyer pulled out and we struggled to sell, so we took the flat off the market and decided to invest a small pot of change into fixing some of the issues we were having. The main one was redecorating the living area.

The evolution of our living room since we moved in

It’s been a few months and we’re already reaping the rewards of our hard work, so let me share with you the most impactful upgrades we’ve made to our living space.

Statement sofa

Our old sofa was the Aurora three-seater from DFS and while it was fine, over time the wooden frame got squeakier and we couldn’t bear it. It also wasn’t that comfortable, meaning I’d end up with backache after an evening binge-watching Gossip Girl.

We opted for the Snug Cloud Sundae two-seater in Forest Green. It was a big investment and may be outside your budget, but we chose it because it’s extendable, meaning it won’t go to waste when we eventually move into a bigger home.

How it helped: Not only is our Snug more comfortable, but the Forest Green is a much better statement than the boring mid-grey we had before.

BESTÅ TV unit makeover

We originally bought a white TV bench with grey-green drawers along with two cupboards to sit on either side of it. The intention was to maximise storage in our limited space. 

However, the dark colour made the room look cold and cluttered. As I’d chosen to incorporate more natural colours, I upgraded to these oak veneer door fronts and added some oak legs to elevate the TV unit.

It made the unit unrecognisable without needing to replace the entire item or spend £££ on a wooden unit.

How it helped: We now have more storage with the cupboard doors and it looks more expensive now it’s not sitting on the floor.

Changing the wall colour

Repainting a space is one of, if not the, easiest ways to update a space. I loved our half-wall but never liked the colour as it was slightly lilac and way too cool-toned.

After much consideration, we opted for Lick Beige 04 in a matt finish. It’s a warm beige with a hint of black which ties with our black frames, kitchen table legs and door handles.

I’ll do a full review on Lick soon, but the paint went on great and it’s a beautiful colour that’s transformed the entire flat.

How it helped: Matched better with our boho style and made the room cosier.

Gallery wall

Getting some more art on the wall was a must when doing this makeover. I opted for a boho style and got all of our prints from Etsy.

I was tempted to mix up the frames, but am glad I stuck with these black IKEA RIBBA frames as the focus is on the art and it ties in the black accents from around the flat.

We opted to use the Command Picture Hanging Strips instead of drilling multiple holes as we have steel beams so wouldn’t be able to arrange them how we like. Also, if we want to change it up, no patching necessary!

How it helped: Added colour and visual interest to our main wall by framing the TV and bringing the eye up.

Removing clutter

The drinks cabinet in the corner was a lovely idea, but it never looked quite right. We had to do a lot of reorganising to get rid of it, but the impact is huge.

Not only does the living room look bigger, but it meant we could put a lamp in the corner with a dimmable lightbulb. This means we don’t rely on our wall lights when we want a moodier atmosphere.

How it helped: The room looks bigger and there’s not a constant temptation to pour yourself a drink!

The final reveal

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