Must-have Travel Accessories For Every Trip

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If you travel regularly, you’ll know how tedious trying to fit shoes, makeup and clothes in your old suitcase is. 

Fortunately, travel accessories come in all shapes, sizes and budgets these days, making packing so much easier. However, it can be difficult to know what you actually need and what’s just a gimmick that’ll break after one use.

Below are our travel essentials for long-haul flights to weekend getaways.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are an effective way to maximise your suitcase space and organise your belongings. There are two main options to choose from.

Compression packing cubes

If you want to save lots of space, compression packing cubes reduce the space your clothes occupy by up to 60%. Unlike regular packing cubes, the compression ones have a robust second zip that works similarly to a vacuum sealer.

These types are ideal for when you need to fit bulky items in a small space, however, remember to weigh your luggage as it doesn’t reduce the weight on your items.

Regular packing cubes

Regular packing cubes are perfect if organising your belongings is your priority. They usually have a mesh top for ventilation and to allow easy viewing of the contents.

Even without a compression feature, they still increase the space in your luggage as your things are packed securely in a way they couldn’t without the packing cube.

Toiletry bag

Replace the sandwich bags and avoid worrying about accidental shampoo spills with a toiletry bag. We recommend buying one with multiple sized pockets to safely store everything from makeup brushes and foundation to earbuds and hairbands.

This one we have from Amazon has more than enough space for a short trip away, plus it comes in some really cool patterns.

Silicone travel bottles

Having forgotten our shampoo a few too many times, travel-sized toiletry bottles are obviously essential. However, the plastic ones from Wilko always became discoloured and disfigured after one trip.

When we discovered these silicone alternatives, we knew we’d never go back. Not only do they look nicer, but they have a large hole to transfer the product into. The silicone also makes it easier to squeeze your shower gel out so none goes to waste.

Small waterproof washbag

A small waterproof drawstring bag is great for keeping your dirty underwear separate from your other items.

It’s also helpful when you get home and need to identify what needs throwing in the washing basket. We use the bag that came with our Modibodi order, but you can also find affordable ones from Amazon, Wilko or The Range.

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