Practical Ways To Feel Comfortable In Summer Clothes

no matter how you feel about your body right now.

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As the sun makes an appearance, so does the fear of showing skin to the general public. Body image issues aren’t size exclusive, but for those with larger bodies, dressing in the warmer months can be more complicated.

The shops are filled with crop tops, booty shorts and vests. A very different look we’ve been rocking since September. While you may be in the #croptopeverydayclub like me, not everyone is comfortable in shorts and some don’t want to.

So many influencers try to solve the problem by telling you to just love the body you’re in and although great advice, not always a viable option right now. And that’s okay.

Instead, below are some practical tips to help you feel more comfortable in the warmer months, no matter how you feel about your body.

Invest in anti chub rub products

Firstly, your thighs touching while you walk is perfectly normal. People of all genders, ages and sizes experience chub rub, so while it’s painful, it’s common.

My two holy grail products are BeYou’s anti-chafing cream and Snag’s chub rub shorts

I used the anti-chafing cream throughout Summer 2021 and it changed my life. I could finally walk around for longer than 10 minutes without the burn starting and having to do that very sexy ‘get-some-air-to-my crotch’ dance. The girls that get it…

The chub rub shorts are also effective and great for midi-maxi dresses and skirts. My only issue is that they stop just above the knee on my body, meaning they don’t work for lots of my shorter clothes. But they’re great for midi or maxi dresses and skirts.

Size up if you need to

We often squeeze our bodies into clothes because women’s clothing sizes are inconsistent and don’t account for our varied fat distribution. Remember, no one can see the label and wearing ill-fitted clothes only leads to us feeling shit. 

Instead, choose clothing that makes you feel fabulous. That might mean sizing up or down, opting for petite or tall and even returning clothes you love on the hanger because they don’t quite fit your body shape.

There are thousands of clothing stores out there, many with inclusive sizing to choose from. Don’t put up with clothes that make you feel crap.

Invest in good underwear

Your underwear doesn’t have to be sexy. And let’s be honest, lacey bras don’t usually look great under a cotton white t-shirt.

Quality underwear, designed for everyday wear will always make you feel better. Once I ditched my low-rise knickers and embraced the high-waist, I felt so much better.

Nude underwear is a must because although it might trigger Bridget Jones vibes (although she’s an icon), it can make white outfits pop even more.

Shapewear can also help you feel more confident in the body you have and create a beautiful silhouette for a #hotgirlsummer.

Flattery gets you nowhere

Flattering outfits exist. Clothes can manipulate our bodies to look a certain way and some shapes, colours and lengths look better on us than others.


You’re not a piece of art to be looked at in a museum. You don’t have to wear clothes that flatter you.

Clothes can sometimes just be to cover your bits or to express yourself. What’s most important is that you love what you wear and you feel comfortable. 

If it’s 30 degrees outside, a high-waist flare trouser might ‘look’ better, but if it leaves you feeling hot and bothered, wear the shorts.

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