Pros And Cons Of Living In A Studio Flat

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we’ve put our flat on the market. We’ve lived here for nearly two and a half years and although we never intended to move this quickly, lockdown has completely changed our lives.

Both James and I now work from home, meaning we spend 90% of our week in the same room. I had to buy a desk and shove it in our tiny living room because the dining room chair was destroying my back.

We’ve also managed to save a lot of money over the last year, meaning we can afford to buy a bigger place (two bed flat!) sooner than we thought we could. 

Anyway, as our tiny living journey comes to an end, I thought I’d reflect on all the pros and cons of living in a studio flat.

Pro: You don’t need that much furniture

As we only had to furnish an entryway, living room, dining area and bedroom, it didn’t cost us too much to furnish the place. I think our initial cost was around £2,000 and that included kitchenware and some decorative bits.

I know it can take months, if not years, to completely furnish a large home, so I’m glad we could do the majority of it in one IKEA order and fill up the place pretty quickly.

Con: It’s difficult to decorate

Not only because you can’t move your furniture into another room, but without distinguished areas, it’s difficult to try different styles or paint colours.

You’re also usually dealing without many corners or much wall space, meaning you’re usually pretty limited with the way you can set things out.

Pro: Teaches you how to organise your things

Without much room, you’re forced to be more brutal about your belongings and where they live. 

It can be frustrating being unable to store things like Christmas decorations or camping equipment, but you become more mindful of what you own and keep everything very organised.

Con: Difficult to switch off if you work from home

Before the pandemic, we both worked in our offices and our home was just for sleeping, bathing and relaxing.

Now, our flat is a multi-use room where we spend eight hours a day working at our day jobs. It’s difficult to separate that fact when you log off and walk three steps away from your desk to relax.

I’m looking forward to having a separate home office that will actually feel like a separate area from my home life.

Pro: Great property to get you on the ladder

We couldn’t afford anything bigger than a studio flat when we bought our place in 2018. Yes, it’s small and we’re very excited to move into somewhere bigger – but it got us on the ladder.

Lots of people turn their nose up at studios, and fair enough – a lot of them are awful and tiny. But with a little creativity and organisation, it doesn’t have to feel like a tiny little room and if it means you have a place to call your own, how amazing is that?!

Con: There’s nowhere to go when you argue

Obviously, you can leave the property. However, if you live with your partner it can be difficult to get some much needed space when you annoy each other. 

I never thought I needed my space to calm down during a heated debate, but when the only place you can close a door is the toilet, you realise you might actually need it.

Have you ever lived in a studio flat? What did you love and hate about it?

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