Skin+Me review: Why I cancelled my subscription

If you’ve been on Instagram for longer than a minute, you’ve probably seen an advert for a personalised skincare brand, Skin+Me. The bright yellow branding and all-in-one product are appealing to everyone from skincare novices to beauty bloggers.

One of our first Instagram posts was of the iconic component with ‘for Amy’ emblazoned on the front. We promised to review it and after two weeks of use, my skin never looked worse.

Before you rush to the comments to tell me I didn’t give it a chance, I’m not here to bash the brand or call other users a liar. I just want to offer an alternative opinion and some things to consider before ordering. Read on for our Skin+Me review.

Firstly, what is Skin+Me?

Skin+Me is a personalised, made-to-order skincare solution created to prevent skin concerns like acne, rosacea and skin ageing. They claim to offer scientifically-proven, prescription-strength ingredients that take the guesswork out of skincare choices.

Skin+Me Daily Doser, Cleanser and Moisturiser on green background
We ordered the full Skin+Me pack with the cleanser and moisturiser.

The Daily Doser is a small component that dispenses the ‘perfect’ amount of the product with a small twist and click. It’s marked with 28 lines, giving you almost a month’s worth of skincare for £24.99 a month.

Why I tried Skin+Me

Skin+Me didn’t do anything wrong in my case. I filled out the survey, uploaded my pictures as instructed and the pharmacist prescribed me Tretinoin 0.006%, Niacinamide 4% and Azelaic Acid 4%. I also ordered the cleanser and moisturiser for good measure.

The problem is that I don’t have any prominent skin conditions or issues. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my life to have reasonably clear skin, with the occasional spot every now and then.

My skin is a little blotchy at times, but I imagine that has more to do with the alcohol and caffeine intake than any underlying condition.

However, as I’m approaching my late 20s, I thought it was about time I got into skincare like Cosmo had been telling me to do for years. But I didn’t want to spend £££s on products that don’t work and wanted to skip to the refined skincare routine I was proud of.

That’s why Skin+Me was so appealing. A bespoke formula and three-step routine (four including SPF) was something I could get behind.

The advice, FAQs and videos all told me that red blotchiness was perfectly normal and the stinging would subside eventually. But I found myself feeling very self-conscious as I looked at these prominent red patches around my mouth on the mini Teams video of me.

Why I cancelled my Skin+Me subscription

I don’t think Skin+Me should have accepted me as a customer. I know that many people who suffer from acne and other skin issues have been overwhelmed with the product and I encourage anyone facing skin problems to try it.

Amy's face before and after Skin+Me treatment. On the left, her face looks normal, on the right, it's blotchy and a little swollen.
Before I started Skin+Me and two weeks later

They also offer you an option to reach out to your assigned pharmacist if you’re having issues, but I’m able to buy products that are less harsh for my face and cheaper.

So, if you’re just looking for a simple skin routine to keep your face in good shape, a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF is usually enough.

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